Fan Jixiang, Accompanied by Wang Weibin, Paying An Official Call on Zhang Chunxian, Secretary of Party Committee in Xinjiang Autonomous Region.
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On December 28th, 2013, Fan Jixiang, Chairman and Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Power Construction Corporation of China, and Wang Weibin, Chairman and Secretary of Party Committee of Sinohydro Corporation, went to Urumqi of Xinjiang Province for paying an official call on Zhang Chunxian, Secretary of Party Committee in Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Wang Weibin, Executive Director and General Manager, the Deputy Managers, Xi Hao and Zhong Yimou, and some leaders of relevant units were also in company for a visiting. Two parties had a cordial conversation on the further cooperation, common development and accelerating the development of Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Meanwhile they had a discuss about strengthening cooperation with autonomous region government, investing and constructing in the fields of energies (hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic), sewage treatment, traffic and infrastructure, ect, in addition to the negotiation about the strategic cooperation agreement, setting up a regional headquarters in Xinjiang and supporting Xinjiang construction, etc.

At seven o 'clock that afternoon, Fan Jixiang, Wang Weibin and their entourages went to the guesthouse in the autonomous region for paying an official call on the main leaders of autonomous region government. Zhang Chunxian, Politburo Member and Secretary of Autonomous Regional Party Committee, his entourages and some leaders of relevant departments, took part in the report-back meeting. Wang Minhao, Deputy General Manager and Party Committee Standing Committee, Zhang Jianwen, General Manager Assistant and Director of the Marketing Sales Department, and Wu Xuliang, Deputy Director of Group General Office, ect, also attended the conference. The construction tasks of Sinohydro Bureau No.4, involve in more than 20 contract projects, such as hydropower, photovoltaic, wind power and highway projects, ect. Sinohydro Bureau No. 4, as the sponsor, arranged the specific agenda for Fan Jixiang's trip.

During the informal discussion and the report, the chairman, Fan Jixiang at first introduced the conditions of the management and construction both at home and abroad and the development of the corporation in recent years. And then, he also made a detailed introduction about how building a platform for cooperation with Xinjiang province, integrating the superior resources of both sides, and about the advantages and strength of the corporation in the fields of water conservancy and hydropower, new energy, high-speed railway, and infrastructure construction, ect. He also decided to set up regional headquarters in Xinjiang.

Fan Jixiang, from the perspective of the state-owned enterprises and the development of CHINAPOWER, showed that the corporation has the ability, and confidence in making an organic combination with the development of Xinjiang Province, and put forward the strategic conception of "standing on Xinjiang province, exploiting central Asia and going towards the global". He also indicate that we will continue to play the role of the state-owned enterprises on Xinjiang Silk Road Economic Zone, strengthen a further cooperation with the government and the local people in Xinjiang province, and make a contribution to Xinjiang construction.

Zhang Chunxian, Secretary of Party Committee in autonomous region, gave a full affirmation on the development conception about Xinjiang, which Fan Jixiang, the chairman of POWERCHINA, put forward, and showed a great appreciation to the corporation's engaging in the construction of Xinjiang Silk-Road Economic Zone.

On 29th, fan Jixiang, and Wang Weibin, with their entourages, went to The Xinjiang Construction Corps for a informal discussion. The commander of the corps, Liu Xinqi, and main leaders took part in the conference. The two parties had an exchange about the complementary advantages and common development of the two parties, and in the future how jointly participating in Xinjiang construction.

On the 30th morning, Fan jixiang, and Wang Weibin accompanied by their entourages, went to the autonomous regional government. The major persons-in-charge of the administration of government departments had a cordial talk with Fan Jixiang. Both parties made a negotiation about in the future establishing a long-term mechanism, further strengthened the consensus and achieved a favorable effect.

At present, the strategic development plan that our central government made for Xinjiang province, is very clear. Until to 2020, every cause in social and economic aspects should go up to a new stage, and realize the overall goal of a well-off. Under such a premise, the central government put forward two historic tasks: "great-leap-forward development" and "lasting peace and stability." According to its own characteristics, Xinjiang has realized synchronous development of "new industrialization, modernization of agriculture, new urbanization and informatization, and the infrastructure modernization”.

Autonomous region government, thinks that Power Construction Corporation of China, enjoys a good reputation, and owns a abundant comprehensive strength at home and abroad, so the two parties will actively cooperate, jointly conduct Xinjiang Construction plan, and write a new chapter along the history of the Silk Road Xinjiang Economic Zone.



Fan Jixiang, Wang Weibin and Zhang Chunxian,Secretary of Party Committee in autonomous region,were discussing the Xinjiang construction affair


Fan Jixiangand Zhang Chunxian,were discussing the Xinjiang construction affair


Zhang Chuanxian was shaking hands with Wang Weibin 


The conference site 


Fan Jixiang was making a speech 


Wang Minhao was making a speech 


Liu Xinqi, Commander of Xinjiang Construction Corps, was making a speech 



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