Our Company Won the Bid of Ethiopia Sugar Plant F2-F3 Highway Project.
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      Recently, according to the news from the international market, our company won the bid of Ethiopia Sugar Plant F2-F3 Highway Project.

      Ethiopia Sugar Plant F2-F3 Highway Project, with a total length of 54.7 km, involves in two-lane gravel pavement. The project is located in Omo River area belonging to the southern Ethiopia national state, with the original point about 900 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia.

     The main construction task of the project, with about 30 months of the construction period, and of which the employer is Ethiopian Highway Authority, involves 54.7 kilometers of gravel pavement, and 3 bridges along the road. 

    Sinohydro Bureau No.4, Seventh Branch is responsible for the construction of this project. At present, they are organizing relevant personnel entering the site, and preparing relevant work for earlier stage of this project.

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