Xinjiang Hetian PV Power Station Achieved the Target of Grid-connected Power Generation
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On December 25, Xinjiang Hetian phase VI PV Power Station Project with 20 MW, constructed by Sinohydro Bureau No.4, Seventh Branch,achieved the target of grid-connected power generation, and created the" Sinohydro Bureau No.4 Speed " with 3 months from starting work to generating.

The employer, Hetian Co, Ltd, subsidiary to CPI Xinjing Energy Chemical Group Co, Ltd, put forward realizing the object of grid-connected power generation within 3 months, when starting the project on September 12th. This is the project with the shortest construction period within PV industry. In the face of so many challenges, Sinohydro Bureau No. 4, Seventh Branch, made a meticulous arrangement in aspects of personnel and equipment and carried forward the spirit of arduous struggle. Under the circumstances of the delayed supply of the construction drawings and some equipment, they had a continuous operation with multidevices and in comprehensive ranges. Through 80 days' fighting, the project passed the acceptance successfully by Quality Supervision Station in autonomous region; On December 4th, passed the acceptance about safety evaluation and technical supervision by autonomous region Electric Power Research Institute; On December 16, passed the network acceptance by Hetian Electric Power Company. After all the acceptances, the project possessed power generation conditions, and successfully completed the target of generating in 3 months.

     Xinjiang Hetian phase VI PV Power Station Project with 20 MW showed a good performance capability of Seventh Branch, which achieved the target of grid-connected power generation, and got a high praise by employers and relevant units. This project laid a solid foundation on opening the market in Xinjiang.



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