Our Company, on Behalf of POWERCHINA Group Ltd, Attended 2013 (Africa) Exhibition of Chinese Goods, Technology and Services, and Meanwhile Achieved a Great Success.
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       On December 5th to 7th, in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia, our company on behalf of POWERCHINA Group Ltd, attended 2013 (Africa) Exhibition of Chinese Goods, Technology and Services or also called China-- Ethiopia Infrastructure and Industrial Cooperation Forum, organized byChina Chamber of Commerce for Machineryand Commerce and Trade Development Bureau subsidiary to China 's Ministry of Commerce, in alliance with Ethiopia's Infrastructure Department, Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Industry and the National Electric Power Company. This is the first time for our company for to hold such a successful and a large-scale exhibition activity, which attracted a lot of attention from all over the world.

During the exhibition, S.E. Erastus J.O. Mwencha, Deputy Chairman of AU and Ato. Abdulakim, chef of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation and Vice President in charge of construction project, and Ato. Andarge, vice President, in charge of power operation, ect, visited the display booth of POWERCHINA Group, designed by our company. According to the statistics in this exhibition, the visitors from AU representatives and Ethiopia reached 1000, which became one of the largest numbers among those booths. This exhibition has deepened the recognition of the people of Africa and Ethiopia on the brand of Power China Group, and also has obtained the satisfactory effect.

 This Exhibition was aimed to speed up the transformation of the foreign trade development mode, and to actively lead the Chinese enterprises "going out", and to promote the cooperation between china and Africa in a larger scope, a wider field and a higher level.

For this exhibition, Nearly 150 well-known Chinese enterprises, and about 300 entrepreneurs participated in the exhibition, the contents of which involved in China's electric power, energy, engineering technology, agriculture, automobile, Chemistry, consumer goods and other fields or industries. In addition, during the exhibition, China-Ethiopia Power Cooperation Forum, China-Ethiopia Commercial and industrial Cooperation Forum, and China-Ethiopia Agricultural Cooperation Forum were held as well.

Our company and Ethiopia had an indissoluble bond, because our company's international business just began with Ethiopia Tekeze Hydropower Station. When allocating the independently marketing markets this year, our Joint-stock Company, Sinohydro Group Ltd, distributed the Ethiopia market to our company. After receiving the notice, our company immediately organized a powerful team into Ethiopia, set up the Management Department of East Africa, and the Representative Office in Ethiopia, and vigorously developed the markets in Ethiopia and the surrounding countries. After receiving the invitation from China’s Chamber of Commerce for Machinery, POWERCHINA Group Ltd, commissioned Sinohydro Group Ltd, on behalf of Power china group Ltd, to attend this exhibition. Finally our Joint-Stock Company, Sinohydro group Ltd, according to the actual circumstance of the Ethiopian market, entrusted our company in the name of the POWERCHINA to participate in this exhibition.

 Upon receiving the notification of China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery holding exhibition in Ethiopia, our company attached great importance, actively organized, planned, and fully mobilized all the staff to cooperate with each other, and formed a good interaction mechanism. The front and rear personnel worked together, and they did carefully in every aspect, such as the collection of data and related material of POWERCHINA, and consulting advertisement designing companies. Because of the objective conditions, we ultimately determined the Scheme of exhibition booth designing program by the domestic and the materials of booth construction offered by overseas, thus saving costs and time.

 During three days of exhibition, our company Propagated to the people of Africa and Ethiopia the brand of POWERCHINA and the outstanding achievements in Ethiopia and around the world in recent years by Sinohydro Group Ltd, through many forms and means, such as logo and performance pictures of the company, video, model, interpretation, ect, to show a good corporate image of POWERCHINA Ethiopia to the African people and Ethiopia and received numerous praise and favorable comments. In the process of the exhibition, Tian Hongjun, representative of our company in Ethiopia, was invited to attend Electric Power Cooperation Forum and made a keynote address on behalf of POWERCHINA.

 Through this exhibition, our company actively propagated the brand of POWERCHINA to the Ethiopian people and African countries, and promoted the recognition of Ethiopia and African countries on POWERCHINA, and meanwhile will have a positive significance and far-reaching impact on the brand of POWERCHINA and our company's marketing and the future development in Ethiopia and Africa.


   Our company on behalf of POWERCHINA is attending the exhibition in Ethiopia


 The Vice President of Electric Power Company is visiting the display booth of  POWERCHINA 


The Deputy Chairman of AU is visiting the display booth of POWERCHINA


China-Ethiopia Electric Power Cooperation Forum

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