Two Projects that Company Participated in Have Achieved the "FIDIC Centennial Engineering Award"
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According to the website at SASAC, at the 2013 Annual Conference for International Consulting Engineers Union (FIDIC) and also called FIDIC Celebration Conference for one hundred years, held in Barcelona of Spain, 13 construction projects by China have achieved "FIDIC Centennial Engineering Award". Among these, Yangtze River Three Gorges Hydro-Junction Project and Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Project have got the honorable award.

To propagate the remarkable achievements within the scope of global engineering consulting industry since a hundred years, and to commend consulting engineers for their outstanding contributions to the promotion of human economic and social development and the quality of life, "FIDIC Centennial engineering Award" selection activity was first held within the scope of 94 countries and 3 regional associations, on the occasion that FIDIC has been established for a hundred of years. And a total of 36 projects and 6 consulting engineers won the honorable Awards.

Yangtze River Three Gorges Hydro-Junction Projectthat was constructed and undertaken by Power China Group, Ltd, won the " FIDIC Centennial Outstanding Award for Major Civil Engineering Projects ", and meanwhile Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway was awarded "FIDIC Centennial Excellent Award for Major civil Engineering Projects".

Yangtze River Three Gorges Hydro-Junction Project, with a total installed capacity of 18.2 million kilowatts and reservoir capacity of 39.3 billion cubic meters, is the largest hydro-junction Project in the world. Our company, as the responsible party, and Qingyun Company, subsidiary to Sinohydro Bureau No.14, jointly undertook and constructed the dam section on the left bank, underground power station water-intake on the right bank, phase III plant bam section on the right bank, ect, and our company independently undertook the task of 8 units installation.

 Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway Project, with a total length of 1318 km, is the one with the longest in terms of length and highest in terms of standards in the world. Power China Group, Ltd constructed JHTJ - 3 bid section project, with bridge construction of 203 km, 26 kilometers of tunnel, and 232 kilometers of doublet track project. Our company undertook the task of 21 km of route construction.

 The selection activity by FIDIC, was carried out in accordance with four aspects of requirements: international recognition, technical excellence, innovation and sustainability. The award winning by Chinese related engineering projects and consulting engineers, suggests that the Chinese concept of engineering consulting, technical innovation and construction standards have reached the international advanced level.

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