Gao Jianmin with His Entourages Went to Training Center for Guidance and Inspection
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On 18 November, Gao Jianmin, secretary of the Party Committee of the company, Fan Yunlong and Zhong Yimou, vice general managers, Zhang Guoqing, chief accountant and Wan Jinming, chairman of Trade Union, etc., accompanied by the training center director, and Lu Huaimin, leadership of the headmaster of Hydropower School, went to the training center for researching and investigating the works about vocational education and training, etc.


Gao Jianmin and his entourages, in internship factory, visited the teaching equipment and environment in special fields of car maintenance, electrical and mechanical processing, electrical and electronics, welding, numerical control, ect. While visiting, he inquired about the the setting and operation of various fields; In the showroom at school, Lu Huaimin made a detailed presentation to the leaders about the situation of the history of the school, settings of specialized subjects, students' recruitment and employment, school-based industries and training, ect. Gao Jianmin after hearing the reports pointed out: Since its 60 years, Hydropower School, has taken a great development in the fields of school scale and level, teaching strength, so as to cultivate a large number of highly skilled technicians for the local and the companies, and also effectively promote the local economic construction and the development of companies. In the new era, the training center should adapt to the new requirements, continuously broaden the school-running concept, promote the innovation of school-running mode, enhance school-enterprise cooperation and follow closely the talent demanding by the market and enterprises. Meanwhile he hoped that training center can vigorously utilize and cultivate existing resources such as teachers and all kinds of training qualifications, give full play to the advantages and create a new brilliance for the school.








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