Wang weibin Went to Baoji-Lanzhou Passenger Dedicated Line Project Department for Inspection and Guidance.
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 From 9 November to 11 November, Wang weibin, general manager of Sinohydro Bureau No.4 Co., Ltd, went to Baoji-Lanzhou PassengerDedicatedLine Project for inspection and guidance. Project managers, Hao Changfu made an report to general manager, Wang Weibin, about situation of production, operation, investment and planning, as well as plan formulation and implementation in winter.

Wang Weibin inquired about the details of the tunnel safety control, quality of bridge construction, the work progress in each girder field. Giving full affirmation to each work of project department, meanwhile Wang weibin put forward some suggestion and requests about the construction in winter and the severe production situation of loess tunnel construction and had a deep exchanges with and gave a guidance to the management staff of project department and construction site. He pointed out that the first is to arrange specific construction works in winter. Pay more attention to and strictly implement the management affairs;The second is to seriously solve the relationship among the process ,safety and quality, firmly grasp the quality consciousness, and be provided with the overall situation consciousness; The third is to pay special attention to the education activities about Party's mass line,the implementation of the Eight Regulations of Party Central Committee, and the orgnization of democratic life meetings; The fourth is to do well in the innovation about management and technology; The fifth is to strengthen the training of railway technical management personnel, arouse staff's enthusiasm, formulate reasonable appraisal mechanism, carry out strictly in accordance with the regulations and promote the overall quality; The sixth is to seriously make a summary in the end of year, and find out the shortages in the works. Especially have a preplan in terms of maintaining stability for works. He hoped that everyone should summon up courage, fully demonstrate our people's spirits of fearing neither hardship nor tire, do a good project, and add lustre to our company.

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