Yushu Reconstruction Project for Three Years Post-disaster, Undertaken by China Power Group, Has Got a Successful Fulfillment.
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"A span-new Yushu county has proudly stood on the Snowy plateau !" On November 3, Luo Huining, Party Committee Secretary of Qinghai Province solemnly declared in the celebration meeting, the fulfillment of the post-disaster reconstruction work of Yushu County, which has written an indelible mark for the fight against natural disasters and for the reconstruction in the history .

Luo Huining pointed out that Yushu Reconstruction Project has got a great victory , demonstrated the idea of governing for people, put forward by Communist Party of China ,and embodied the superiority of the socialist system and the warmth of great family of motherland, as well as deep feelings of the military, police and civil.

Yushu Reconstruction Project is so far on areas of high altitudes, the largest scale restoration work, with the tense time, heavy task and the unprecedented difficulty. In June 2010, China Power Group, as one of the four biggest state-owned enterprises, participated in the reconstruction of Yushu, under the strategic deploy of the SASAC of State Council. According to the arrangement of the general planning about Yushu post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction, China Power Group undertook the restoration and reconstruction projects in west area of the ancient town, such as, residential housing, public facilities, ecological restoration, specialized industry restoration , ect, and meanwhile undertook the total of 79 reconstruction tasks, with a total 86.78 m2 of building area ,and a total investment of 3.516 billion Yuan, including 1103 sets of housing of peasants and herdsmen, in Hewu town of Chengduo County and Xiao Sumang town of Yushu County. These projects undertaken by China Power Group, are considered as the most in project quantities, the largest in construction areas, the most difficult in construction technology and the most complicated in coordination.

  During three years,thousands of staff of China Power Group, with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, carried forward the the dauntless spirit of " no shortage of spirit in spite of lacking oxygen, higher morale than altitude ", strove to become stronger and be brave to surpass. During more one thousand day and night, from the starting of the first reconstruction project of the third primary school, on July 10, 2010 to the last the completion of two river landscape reconstruction project on October 26, 2013, the people of China Power Group, has created the Yushu Speed of "one floor every four days "and "a set of housing of peasants and herdsmen every nine days", and have written the glorious chapter of "first five", left the glorious footprints of "work together, unity is strength, tenaciously struggle and fight with the nature", written the splendid epic of "concentric love, perseverance, gratitude and endeavour and the ultimate challenge" and have been highly praised by the Party and state leaders, the SASAC the State Council, of the State Council, Qinghai provincial government and the local government and residents.

It is understood that, Yushu Reconstruction Project has been underwent for three years. Under the special care of Central Party Committee and Central Military Commission and with the direction of the reconstruction and coordination team of the State Council, 100000 of Aid army adhered to the reconstruction idea of science, efficiency and harmony in accordance with the law, and the firm belief of "bitterly fight for three years and span two decades". As a result, during less than two years, the group has completed the 1248 planned projects, and the total investment of 44.436 billion Yuan. A tourist and commerce city that is rational in layout, completed in function, comprehensive in equipment, prominent in specialities and graceful in environment, reappears at the source of three rivers, proudly stands on the snowy plateau, and takes a new step towards creating a new life.

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