The First and Second phases of Hanegy Hainanzhou 100 megawatts of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Station Has Achieved a Favorable Reputation in the First Checking and Acceptance.
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On October 23, organized by Qinghai Hanergy Thin-film solar co., Ltd, six experts of Qinghai Province Quality inspection Station conducted a first stage checking and acceptance on the second and third phase of Hanegy 100 megawatts grid-connected photovoltaic station in Republic county, Hainan state. Because the quality control at construction site meets relevant requirements, and the data of this industry are in standard, this checking and acceptance has achieved experts' consistent high praise, and passed at one-time.


50 mw of the third phase of Hanegy Project has been undertaken by Hainan Photovoltaic Department, organized by Sinohrdro Bureau No.4, Third Branch, as a contractor of EPC. At the first meeting of checking and acceptance, project department made a comprehensive report in detail, in terms of engineering survey, project scope, current progress, quality control of foundation and after turn sequence, safety and civilized construction, condition of environmental protection, design implementation, implementation of mandatory clause, project technology, procurement of supplies and equipment, the main equipment manufacturers, as well as human resources .


According to work arrangement of the checking and acceptance team, the date of internal industry and the entity of construction site should be checked and examined after the acceptance report. The expert of Quality Supervision Station respectively made an inspection and acceptance on 110 kv booster station undertaken by NingGuang Consulting Company, the second phase of 35 kv switching station constructed by  Zhuhai Industrial Company, and the projects undertaken by Sinohydro Bureau No.4, Third Branch, such as the third phase 35 kv switching station, the second and third phases of photovoltaic array shape strip foundation and stents and so on. All the quality control in site meets the requirements of design, and the data in the industry is in standard. the expert team gave a full affirmation for the construction quality of the second and third phases of Hanegy Project, and expressed a high praise for the effective control of engineering construction quality.

As for the short and tense construction period andscattered workof photovoltaic project, when experts asked that if concrete construction accepts distributed stirring, how to control concrete raw material and the quality of stirring,  the project department reported that they increased the personnel of supervision and sampling at laboratory site, strengthened   management personnel's quality consciousness, and inspected and siphoned samples at any time. The answer got a great praise of owners and experts.

The first time checking and acceptance by Qinghai province Quality Supervision Station has laid a solid foundation for the following checking and acceptance and net assessment.

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