Bridge crane load test on Dahejia Hydropower Station made a success.
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On 23th October, the test of bridge crane load of 200 tons /50 tons / 10 tons on  the main factory of Dahejia hydropower Station installed by Mechanical and Electrical  Installation Branch, has made a great success,  through only once acceptance inspected by special equipment and has already put into use.


Technicians of Mechanical and Electrical Installation Branch made a large number of preparations in the test, such as technical disclosure, specification of safety operation, technological process of test, analysis of dangers, coordination with other work scope and other many safety and technology measures, such as to ensure the smooth conduct of the test. In terms of the test of Bridge crane load, the dynamic test and static one have been respecatively carried out. In the process of dynamic load test of 50%, 75%, 100%, 110%, the big hook, up and down repeatedly, started cart and the car walking, steadily in the test process, without any special shock, vibration, and jamming transmission. The experiment was completed smoothly, after each test, all the relevant measurement and inspection about data were conducted as well.In the process of 125% static load experiment, lifting height reached 100 millimeter from the ground, the degree around the girder of bridge crane was measured, after 10 minutes of hanging in the air, the degree around the girder of bridge crane returned to normal. The main purpose is to check the lifting capacity after loading in the machine manufacturing and installation and to measure whether the installation quality, performance and technical parameters are in line with the design requirements and whether to meet bearing capacity of the design.


200 tons /50 tons/ 0 tons of bridge crane load test getting a complete success, provided a guarantee for installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, and for hoisting other equipment, as well as  laid  a solid foundation on the development of  mechanical and electrical installation project in full swing.

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