Yellow River Lijiaxia Hydropower Station
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Project Overview:Triangular center –point concrete double –curvature arch dam: Its maximum height and total generating capacity are 165m and 2 million kilowatts respectively. Its reservoir capacity stands at 1.65 billion cubic meters. Compared with other domestic hydropower station at the time, it ranked 1st , in terms of the capacity of a single generation unit, standing at 1.65 400 thousand kilowatts. The design that an evaporative cooling type generation unit is used as No. 4 generation Unit with water –diversion penstocks exposed behind the dam body is second to one domestically. It won the “Luban Prize ” in 2006, the highest honor in building industry of our county.

Construction period:This project was commenced in May 1987. Its first generation unit was put into operation on February 16, 1997. The project was completed in December 1999.

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