Yellow River Gongboxia Hydropower Station
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Project Overview:Concrete –faced rock –fill dam: Its maximum height and total generating capacity are 139m and 1.5 million kilowatts respectively. Its reservoir capacity stands at 620 million cubic meters. It won the “Luban Prize” in 2007, the highest honor in building industry of our country. In 2009 got “Zhan Tianyou Award” and selected as top 100 classical construction projects of China.

Construction period:This project was commenced in August 2001, Its first generation unit was put into operation in September 24,2004. The project was completed in 2006.

Undertaken project:Diversion tunnel project of CIbid package, concrete faced rock-fill dam project of CIIbide package, project of diversion tunnel, water inlet and penstock of CIVbid package, right –bank swirling spillway tunnel project of CVIIbid package, GIS switch station project, right –bank drain adit project, operation and management of concrete mixing system and installation construction of mechanical and electrical equipment.

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