Furong River Jiangkou Hydropower Station
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Project overview:The oval linear hyperbolic thin concrete arch dam, the maximum height of the dam is 140 meters, total installed capacity is 300,000 kilowatts, storage capacity is 453 million cubic meters. Both construction progress and construction quality of the power station has been the best of all similar domestic hydropower projects, which was known as a domestic pilot project for the 21th century. In 2006, it was appraised as “ Excellent Power Project Award ” by China Electric Power Construction Enterprises Association

Construction period: Commenced in April 2000; On March 1, 2003 the first generated electricity: completed in 2004.

Undertaken project:The Four Eight Cooperative Body in which Sinohydro Engineering Bureau No.4 was the responsible party, and Sinohydro Engineering Bureau No.8 was cooperative party, undertook the works of excavations of right dam shoulder and foundation –pit, slope shotcrete-bolt support, concrete pouring of the main dam, foundation treatment on both banks, joint grouting, consolidation grouting, curtain grouting of the main dam and other projects.

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